Sunday, January 1, 2012

I wonder what will happen next?

Well, thats 2011 over and done with. A bit of a roller coaster with Anthony moving to Oxenhope and setting up his workshop with Al over in Slawit in January, and then the decision to do up the house, but they didnt get round to it and decided do Tent London instead. And then we had  all the excitement of Mr Smith the second being picked up by  blogs and articles all over the world, (we love Design Milk!) and then the two Ednas arriving,  and Sidney turning up at the last minute, packing the van with his paint still wet to head to London for Tent

Now you'd think that was more than enough bother for a while and that they could just settle down after getting back from London, but oh no, Anthony's off again with some new ideas. He'd hardly waved goodbye to Edna 3, who has gone to live in Worcestershire with the lovely Steve and his family, when he swept up all his drawings and disappeared into the workshop for 3 days, coming home with more coloured bits of wood, and lots of plastic bits which get under a whippet's paws like you wouldnt believe.

But Nel says to let him get on with it because at least we've got a dinner table and four chairs again. Me and Anthony couldnt see any problem with using the garden chairs and Anthony's workdesk for a few months more.... Mind you, she was well impressed with the new green and grey bench, and the little pink and grey  stool and the orange and black buffet too.

So now all they talk about is launching the Stitch collection this year. Well, apart from moving workshops again. This time its to a mill in Haworth, and the main reason is of course so that Anthony can take me with him every day. He's been muttering something about bigger workshop, gallery space upstairs, a photograpy studio and some classroom spaces to run courses, but its really all about having me with him all day. You see, he cant work without me.... and I really need to get away from the bloody cat Alice who torments me like you wouldnt believe.

I'll get him to take some photos of the new workshop in progress, and the special space set aside for my tartan blanket.

So, who knows what's in store for 2012, but as long as I can get some peace and quiet away from the Evil Feline One, I know it will be good.

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