Monday, April 23, 2012

it all going on up here

Right, whippet poised and ready to blog
there's been so much going on these last few months we've hardly had time to draw breath. Anthony is getting settled in the new workshop and turning it inside out and back to front. As long as he remembers my special corner thats OK. This is the upstairs which he has fancy notions about turning into a workspace to run upholstery classes in, and a gallery space. I've told him he needs to get new loos and a kitchen in first -  so he's on with that just now. Hes decided to put a mezzanine in while he's at it, so theres some offices and storage space, and last time I looked there was a fancy floating staircase. You'll understand me not venturing up it just yet...

Anyway, some of the other good things which have been happening are (deep breath)
- Lovely designmilk feature on his new CABLE range

- CABLE being shown at MADE NORTH

- Edna goes international - planning to take up residence in Beiruit and Holland this year

- Fantastic LUXE.TV coverage

- Mr Smith featured in Linda O'Keefe's forthcoming book about stripes in everyday design

- A lovely scale model of Mr Smith archived in the University of Oregon

- A very very exciting commission for a big anniversary of a well loved institution coming up next year....

And if all that weren't enough, that wretched feline beastie Alice has had to go to the vets three times! Oh, what a shame.... still, shes now immune from nuclear attack and whippet mind probes for another year.

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  1. Love it, dear Whippet - glad things are going so well. Need to follow up all those lovely links and see the goods.