Friday, June 1, 2012

A great big beast is coming to stay....

Anthony is SO excited - he's finally got himself a CNC routing machine! - does it mean anything to you? no, me neither, except that its going in the corner of the workshop where MY tartan blanket has always been. This is one unimpressed whippet. He tried to soften me up with talk of more time for walks and ear-rubs because the CNC beast will cut everything out for him instead of him doing it all by hand - and apparently it sucks up all the dust too so I won't need a bath so often. Hmmm, I'm reserving judgement until it arrives and actually does something useful.

Mind you, the one down at Fablab Airedale did a grand job of turning out the new Cable stuff - did I show you the photos?

So, thats that. The CNC cometh. He'll be wanting to get it up and running to show off at Haworth Art Festival - I'll tell you more about that next time.

Right, off to get some of this dust out of my ears and see what that cat is up to....

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