Saturday, May 5, 2012

We love FAD and Fablabairedale and the Independent!

My oh my what a to do we've had up here in Haworth - its all going on!

It all started when the lovely people from FAD asked young Anthony if he can send them some of his new CABLE stuff down to The Other Artfair ( in that London next week. (

Well, that would have been fine, except the CNC routing machine hasn't arrived yet and there's only prototypes made of sprayed up MDF around the house (which Nel is adamant aren't going anywhere as they're the only chairs we have left to sit and eat off)...

So, he's been working with the fantastic James and Dave and Raf at Fablab airedale ( on their brand shiny new CNC router and the results are just bloomin lovely, even if I say so myself.

So, its all go, with Anthony down at Fablab (nel took them buns to keep them all happy and focused), and Nel's tidying up the workshop so we can get some photos done this afternoon. Better wash my paws, clean up my whiskers and brush off the old flat cap to look my best.

Oh yes, and if that wasn't enough, have a look at what that lovely lass from madaboutthehouse (www.madaboutthehouse.comhas put in the Independent today. We do like her!

Here's some  "before" pictures of CABLE - i'll put up some "after" ones tomorrow for you.  

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